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Comprehensive Administrative Review



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The Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR)


Georgia Tech's action plan, approved in December 2019:

  • Identifies and redirects $22.7 million in general and administrative spending by eliminating vacant positions, improving organizational structures, and reducing  utility and facility costs.
  • Redirects spending to support students in three areas of need: affordability and access, retention and graduation, and student well-being.
  • Does not require the elimination of positions that are currently occupied.

Historical Overview

In April 2017, Chancellor Steve Wrigley of the University System of Georgia announced a Comprehensive Administrative Review (CAR) of the system office and all 26 USG institutions.

The goal of the CAR is to address the challenge of how to provide quality education in the most cost‑effective manner. Learn about the objectives of the CAR program.

The CAR is expected to assist the USG and the respective 26 institutions by: developing model organizational structures and processes that will enhance our ability to deliver on our teaching, research, and service mission; developing and implementing 21st century operational models; gaining staff input to enhance administrative effectiveness and efficiency at all levels; and identifying administrative cost savings that can be redirected to core functions of teaching, research, and service.

Georgia Tech's Participation

Georgia Tech offered to participate in the first phase of this process, along with a cohort of other schools.

Between November 2017 and February 2018, more than 3,500 Georgia Tech employees provided input to the USG.

Our employees contributed important perspectives, experiences, and information about their work through surveys, focus groups, and interviews. Learn more about the assessment process.

In the late spring we received an initial report with the results of the assessment, which indicated practices that are working well and also identified opportunities for Georgia Tech to make local improvements. Access the CAR Report here (GT account login required)  

We are now ready to launch our Institute-specific CAR action planning and implementation process. This presents a tremendous opportunity for us to address administrative and process challenges and identify ways to streamline our operations and improve efficiency. Read about the potential impacts of this process.


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Report Summary

Report Summary

The report reflects input from more than 3,500 Georgia Tech employees who were selected to participate because they have significant administrative responsibilities.

It indicates what is working well and where we have opportunities for improvement. The report is a starting point for a deeper examination of our policies, procedures, and practices in some key focus areas. 

The three core areas that the report emphasized were: spans of control and organizational layers; alignment and distribution of administrative functions; and best in class and room for improvement. Get more details about each of the core areas.

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Action Plan Teams

Action Plan Teams

Consistent with the USG and colleges and universities participating in this process, we have formed two action plan teams: an executive-level decision group and a working group.

The working group will examine the data collected by USG, work closely with unit management and staff where opportunities for improvements were indicated, and make recommendations to the decision group.

The decision group will be engaged over the next several months to review and consider the analysis and recommendations of the working group and determine how Georgia Tech can best proceed.

These two groups will play a key role in identifying and taking action to address and implement the results of the assessment. Learn more about the action planning process and the teams.

These groups are intentionally small, with the expectation that they will interact and collaborate with people and units across the Institute. Throughout this process, the working and decision groups will engage with the leaders and subject matter experts across campus, and keep the entire campus community informed about our progress.

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Next Steps

Next Steps

The Office of the Chancellor has approved the Georgia Tech CAR Action Plan. Georgia Tech leaders are now planning implementation strategies and processes, and coordinating those efforts with individual unit managers and leads. Much of this work will be done internally, within functional areas. Progress update reports are due to the system office in early fall. A specific due date for the progress update report has not yet been established.

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