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The Georgia Tech Advisory Board (GTAB) is composed of some sixty regional, national, and international members with diverse leadership roles in business, government, and academia.

Members are elected for a three-year term, and a limited number may be invited to serve a second consecutive term.

GTAB meets twice a year, once in the fall and once in the spring.

Georgia Tech Advisory Board Member List


Updated August 2022

Salil "Sal" Arora, CMPE 2003
Senior Partner
McKinsey & Company
Atlanta, Georgia

Dorothy "Decie" Autin, ChE 1980
Retired VP, Project Management
Houston, Texas

Kabir A. Barday, CS 2009
Founder, President, and CEO
One Trust 
Atlanta, Georgia

Roger E. Blythe Jr., MSCI 1978
Retired Chief Accounting Officer
Atlanta, Georgia

Alexia B. Borden, IE 2001
Senior VP and General Counsel
Alabama Power Company
Birmingham, Alabama

Sarah B. Brown
Global Customer Director
The Coca-Cola Company
Atlanta, Georgia

James "Jim" A. Buczkowski
Executive Director, Research & Advanced Engineering and ADAS
Ford Motor Company
Dearborn, Michigan

William “Bill” R. Calhoun Jr., CE 1981
Vice Chairman and Executive VP
Clark Construction Group
Bethesda, Maryland

Linda G. Cash, IE 1984
Retired VP, Global Quality and New Model Programs
Ford Motor Company
Atlanta, Georgia

Stanley “Stan” L. H. Chia, IE 2005
Vivid Seats
Chicago, Illinois

Anne Chow
AT&T Business
Dallas, Texas

Stanley "Stan" W. Connally Jr., ME 1993
Executive VP, Operations and President & CEO Southern Company Services
Southern Company
Birmingham, Alabama

Tye G. Darland
Senior VP and General Counsel
Georgia-Pacific, LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

Robert L. Dixon, EE 1977
Retired Senior VP
PepsiCo, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

David W. Dorman, IMGT 1975
Founding Partner
Centerview Capital Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

Mr. Carl "Winn" E. Everhart, ME 2001
President & Executive Vice President
Whirlpool Corporation
Benton Harbor, Michigan

Mr. Robert "Bob" C. Frenzel Jr.
Chairman, President & CEO
Xcel Energy, Inc.
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Anthony “Tony” G. Frese, AE 1983, M.S. AE 1989
VP, Business Development
Lockheed Martin
Marietta, Georgia

Lance M. Fritz, Parent
Chairman, President, and CEO
Union Pacific Corporation
Omaha, Nebraska

William "Bill" W. George, IE 1964, HON Ph.D. 2008
Retired President & CEO
Medtronic Corporation
Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jeffery "Jeff" V. Giglio, EE 1977
Inglett & Stubbs
Fayetteville, Georgia

Jaime Gilinski, IE 1978
Chairman of the Board
Banco GNB Sudameris S.A.
Fayetteville, Georgia

Maxine Y. Graham, EE 1991
Chief IP Counsel
American Express Company
New York, New York

Parmeet S. Grover, M.S. METE 1993, Ph.D. METE 1996
Senior Partner and Managing Director
The Boston Consulting Group
Atlanta, Georgia

Sarah W. Hallac
Scarsdale, New York

Michael D. Hayford
President & CEO
NCR Corporation
Atlanta, Georgia

R. Scott Herren, IE1984
Executive VP & CFO
Cisco Systems, Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Dana P. Hudson, ChE 1995
Merchandising Vice President 
The Home Depot
Atlanta, Georgia

Manuel F. Jimenez, ICS 1981
La Nacion, S.A.
San Jose, Costa Rica

Elaine H. Johns, IE 1985
President and CEO
EnerVision Inc.
Atlanta, Georgia

Ronald "Ron" L. Johnson, OR 1985
Major General, U.S. Army, Retired
Professor of the Practice
Georgia Institute of Technology
Atlanta, Georgia

Jack G. Jones Jr., IM 1967
Mineola Farm II, LLC
Lexington, Kentucky

Yousef Khalidi, M.S. ICS 1985, Ph.D. ICS 1989
Corporate Vice President
Microsoft Corporation
Redmond, Washington

Kenneth D. Knight, EE 1983
Chief Executive Officer
Invitae, Inc.
Reunion, Florida

Mojgan Lefebvre
SVP & Chief Technology & Operations Officer
The Travelers Insurance Group Inc.
Belmont, Connecticut

Sandra "Sandy" H. Magnus, Ph.D. CERE 1996
AstroPlanetview, LLC
Reston, Virginia 

Michelle D. Mason, ChE 1985
Senior Market Developer - Linear Alpha Olefins
ExxonMobil Chemical Company
Spring, Texas

Gary S. May, EE 1985
University of California, Davis
Davis, California 

Joseph "Joe" C. Mello, HS 1980
Private Investor & Management Consultant
First Light Advisors LLC.
Walla Walla, Washington

Valerie Montgomery Rice, M.D., CHEM 1983
President and Dean
Morehouse School of Medicine
Atlanta, Georgia

Diana C. Orrego-Moore, MSIE 2001, MBA 2009
VP Supply Chain
Bowery Farming
New York, New York 

Blake D. Moret, ME 1985
Chairman and CEO
Rockwell Automation
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Angela G. Nelms, BMED 2007
Chief Operating Officer
RenovoRx, Inc.
Atlanta, GA

Darlene J. Nicosia, M.S. MGT 1994
Hearthside Food Solutions
Atlanta, Georgia

Stephen V. Pair, CS 1994
Alpharetta, Georgia

Sue E. Payne, PHYS 1975
Houston, Texas

Blake V. Peck, M.S. CE 1978
Alexandria, Virginia

Jose Domingo Perez, CE 1971
Caribe Tecno Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Matthew R. Price, IMGT 1978
PeopleFirst Staffing
Sarasota, Florida

Gary M. Reedy
Retired CEO
American Cancer Society
Atlanta, Georgia

Luis F. Restrepo, IMGT 1979
Crystal SAS
Medellín, Colombia

Jean Marie F. Richardson, MGT 2002
President and CEO
Atlanta, Georgia

Roberto R. Roy, ME 1969, M.S. IE 1971
Retired Chairman
Ingenieria R-M
Miami, Florida

Norberto Sanchez, ME 1981
Duluth, Georgia

James H. Scholefield, MGT 1988
Chief Information and Digital Officer
Merck & Company, Inc. 
Kenilworth, New York

Kelly Sepcic Pfeil, Ph.D. CHE 2003
President and Founder
Plano, Texas

Nashlie H. Sephus, M.S. ECE 2010, Ph.D. ECE 2014
Tech Evangelist
Amazon Web Services
Atlanta, Georgia

Teresa Shea, EE 1981
Vice President
CODEX, Raytheon
Arlington, Virginia

Kamau “Kofi” K. Smith, IE 1999, MBA 2009
Keystone Management LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

Yancey L. Spruill, EE 1989
Niwot, Colorado

Federico "Friedel" M. Stubbe, CE 1970
Dorado, Puerto Rico

Timothy "Tim" D. Vanderham
Independent Consultant
Vanderham Consulting LLC
Atlanta, Georgia

Anne M. Walker, IE 2002
Vice President of Merchandise Operations
Walmart Stores Inc.
Bentonville, Arkansas

Kenneth "Ken" E. Washington
VP, Software Engineering Inc.
San Carlos, California

James Ben Wauford
Retired Principal
Cooper Carry, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Roxanne Drago Westendorf
Board of Directors
Brewers Association
Cincinnati, Ohio