President Cabrera talks with Brian Blake, a Georgia Tech alumnus and current president of Georgia State University, about being a first-generation college student, the transferable skills between industry and academia, and the symbiotic relationship between GSU, Georgia Tech, and the city of Atlanta.

In conjunction with the 2023 Sustainable Development Goals Action and Awareness Week, President Cabrera leads a panel of Georgia Tech faculty in a discussion on the policies, technologies, and planning that will improve the quality of life while also maintaining a global climate that remains within healthy limits.

Journalist and activist Sherry Boschert discusses her latest book, 37 Words: Title IX and Fifty Years of Fighting Sex Discrimination, including the origins of the legislation, battles over its implementation, and how history can inform present-day conversations about gender equity in higher education and athletics.

The dean of the College of Design discusses the versatility and value of urban planning, its impact on the built environment, and why design matters. An unabridged version of this discussion is also available.

President Cabrera convenes a discussion on the legacy of John Lewis with guests Professor Doug Flamming (HSOC), Assistant Professor Joycelyn Wilson (LMC), and Kabir Sehgal, co-author of Carry On: Reflections for a New Generation, a collection of final reflections and words of wisdom from John Lewis.

College of Computing Regents' Professor Amy Bruckman, author of Should You Believe Wikipedia?, discusses why Wikipedia works, the importance (and imperfections) of sourcing information, and how the design and regulation of social media platforms can help bring out better aspects of human behavior.