To the Georgia Tech Community:

The tragic death of George Floyd last year, the deep pain it caused across the country, and the guilty verdict announced yesterday in the trial of the police officer who murdered him are reminders of the work that still lies ahead in our journey toward justice. Too many Black people and other people of color are too often the targets of violence, hate, and racism. It is up to all of us to change that. Let us use this moment as an opportunity to come together, to heal together, and to recommit to the idea that we all share the same humanity with the same inalienable rights.  

Today we will be unveiling a special new space on campus, a beautiful and moving memorial dedicated to remembering those who fought for racial justice in our city and our nation. It offers a place for healing, reflection, and understanding.  

The new memorial on campus has been built on the west end of the newly opened EcoCommons, on the very site of a former symbol of racial oppression in Atlanta, which later became a reminder of courage and a beacon of hope. A once-segregated restaurant whose owner refused, at gunpoint, to serve Black customers is now a welcoming site on our campus that invites us to reflect and inspires us to work together toward a better future.  

Let’s use this moment in our nation’s history to reaffirm our commitment to building an inclusive community at Georgia Tech where people of all backgrounds can thrive. I invite you to visit the new space and to join in the work.

— Ángel