Notes from the President

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2017 October 25

Homecoming is among the liveliest times of the year on the Georgia Tech campus, and it’s always great fun to connect with so many Yellow Jackets who have helped make the Institute into a world-class university. With an exciting 38-24 victory over Wake Forest under the lights at Bobby Dodd Stadium, it’s hard to imagine how the weekend could have gone better. In addition to our regular homecoming festivities, we had a naming celebration ceremony for the Roger A. and Helen B. Engineered Biosystems Building, and hosted Government Leaders Day. 

2017 October 2

The Georgia Tech community is continuing the important work of addressing the many challenges brought to light by the recent events here on our campus. Significant progress has been made on identifying the leadership, membership, and charge for three of the four action teams outlined in my letter to campus Sept. 23. The formation and charge of the Campus Safety Action Team has been delayed, however, pending the completion of the investigation by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. We are looking to the Georgia Tech community to support these teams with their ideas, input, and suggestions; to provide information; and to “think outside of the box.” One of the trademark strengths of Georgia Tech is that we work in teams to develop powerful solutions that change lives. We have a strong reputation for innovation, leadership, and addressing global challenges. We are just as concerned about the health and well-being of our own community as we are about addressing those of a global nature.  

2017 September 23

(Sept. 23, 2017) Today marks one week since the tragic death of Scout Schultz. I bear that burden, not only as Georgia Tech’s president, but also as a father and a grandfather.

2017 September 19

The events of the past few days have been incredibly difficult and challenging for the entire Georgia Tech community. Consistent with our traditions and values, it is especially important that during times like these we come together and support one another.  

2017 August 21

Yesterday (Aug. 20), we gathered with nearly 3,000 new students in McCamish Pavilion for our annual New Student Convocation, where I encouraged our freshmen and transfer students to take full advantage of all the resources and opportunities that Georgia Tech has to offer. In addition to the RAT Caps and a copy of the T-Book, this year at Convocation we issued Georgia Tech-branded glasses for viewing today’s (Aug. 21) solar eclipse, and we have numerous activities and “watch parties” planned at various locations around campus. As I thought about the eclipse, I couldn’t help but reflect on the similarities between these glasses and some of the recent events in the news, specifically the horrific events that occurred in Charlottesville last weekend. The people who would seek to impose hatred and violence on others in our society are blinded not by glasses, but rather by intolerance, ignorance, and a false sense of superiority that can also do permanent harm. While there will always be those who will try to use the university environment as a platform for their own agendas, we have seen this past week how our academic community and society can stand united in opposition to hatred and bigotry and its distorted view of what freedom means in our United States. At Georgia Tech, we remain steadfast in our commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for the entire community, regardless of race, nationality, ethnicity, gender, beliefs, or perspectives.