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A monthly digital newsletter designed to help friends and supporters stay abreast of the positive developments about the Institute that they might have missed on more traditional media outlets.

Recent Issues

May 2021

From the Desk of President Cabrera: A couple of months ago, we unveiled a beautiful, mind-bending sculpture on our campus: the last project by revered architect, designer, and proud Tech alumnus John Portman. Known as Koan, this striking 40-foot piece now stands near the northeast corner of Tech Green, sending us a message only art can. Read the full May 2021 newsletter.

April 2021

From the Desk of President Cabrera: What a year this has been for Georgia Tech athletics! During the year of Covid-19 and endless health protocols and complications — a year when we most needed some bright light, something exciting to cheer for — our teams showed up, did the work, represented us beautifully, and brought home some amazing wins! Read the full April 2021 newsletter.

March 2021

From the Desk of President Cabrera: Our commitment to expanding access to groups that have been traditionally underrepresented in labs and high-tech companies — most notably women and people of color — is not only a social and moral issue but a strategic one. If we want to advance technology that serves all markets and works for everyone, we have to open the doors of science and technology to individuals of all backgrounds. Read the full March 2021 newsletter.

February 2021

From the Desk of President Cabrera: If you haven’t been to campus in a while, I’m happy to offer a great reason to change that. Come visit the new EcoCommons, a striking 8-acre green space at the corner of Ferst Drive and Hemphill Avenue that honors our past and inspires us to dream of a better future. Under construction since early last year, the EcoCommons is equal parts learning laboratory, sustainable design model, historic landmark, art exhibit, and well-being studio. Read the full February 2021 newsletter.

January 2021

From the Desk of President Cabrera: When we look back at 2020, there is no doubt we’ll remember a dreadful year — a lethal pandemic, a moment of reckoning over enduring racial inequality, and a political crisis that exposed the vulnerabilities of our nation’s form of self-government. But I hope we’ll also see it as an opportunity for collective self-reflection, renewal, and learning. It is up to all of us to not let these crises go to waste. Read the full January 2021 newsletter.

December 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: This past weekend, we wrapped up the most extraordinary semester in Georgia Tech’s 135-year history with a celebration like none before. With a host of safety precautions and online streaming options in place, faculty, staff, students, and their guests gathered at Bobby Dodd Stadium for three graduation ceremonies held over two days to honor all 9,330 of our 2020 graduates from the spring, summer, and fall. Read the full December 2020 newsletter.

November 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: This week, we launched Georgia Tech’s new strategic plan for the next decade. It marked the culmination of a year of work by more than 5,700 members of the Georgia Tech community, including a number of you. It also marks the beginning of an exciting journey as we bring to life Georgia Tech’s motto of Progress and Service in new and innovative ways. Read the full November 2020 newsletter.

October 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: Even though we’ve had to change just about everything we do to adapt to the challenges of this pandemic, I am proud to see our community move forward and find creative ways to offer outstanding education, conduct important research, and contribute to the vibrant economy and quality of life in our state and beyond. Read the full October 2020 newsletter.

September 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: When we look back at 2020, despite the pain caused by the novel coronavirus, there will be much for all of us at Georgia Tech to be proud of — how our community, relying on science and technology, came together to fight the pandemic through innovation and collaboration, and with compassion and a shared commitment to Progress and Service. Read the full September 2020 newsletter.

August 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: It is hard to believe that our Fall 2020 semester is finally underway. After a summer of hard work and preparations, students are just completing their first week of classes through a blend of in-person, remote, and hybrid course modes.Despite the circumstances, we just welcomed 3,250 first-year students, the largest and strongest first-year class in Institute history, and our largest-ever transfer class, 900. Read the full August 2020 newsletter.

July 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: Georgia Tech is a far-reaching global institution and a strategic national asset. But we never forget that, as an institution of Georgia, Georgia Tech is foremost committed to making our state better. Our national and state priorities are not at odds. On the contrary, they are mutually supportive. Read the full July 2020 newsletter.

June 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: Our newly approved mission statement commits us to develop leaders who advance technology and improve the human condition. In order to do that, it is imperative that we empower people of all backgrounds to learn, grow, and contribute. That’s true for at least two major reasons. Read the full June 2020 newsletter.

May 2020

From the Desk of President Cabrera: Earlier this month, I shared a century-old photo on Twitter that we received from Georgia Tech alumnus Andy McNeil (PP 2001). It has since gone viral. It was taken by Andy’s great-grandfather, Thomas F. Carter (ME 1922), at a game at Grant Field during the 1918 influenza pandemic — and just about everyone was wearing a mask. Read the full May 2020 newsletter.