Conversations with Cabrera

Candid Conversations

Unscripted and informal — unearthing leadership’s thinking behind the big ideas taking shape across the Institute and trends likely to define our future — this video series is meant to capture candid conversations between President Ángel Cabrera and thought leaders across Georgia Tech and beyond. Discussions will revolve around various topics related to academics and research, as well as campus life and culture.

"Every day I am inspired by the talent I get to work with, and I’m excited to share it with our entire community."

— Ángel Cabrera

Gregory Fenves

Fenves, who joined Emory University as its 21st president in August 2020, joins President Cabrera in a conversation about how these two "complementary universities" leverage unique partnerships that serve to expand knowledge, create opportunities for economic growth, and improve the quality of life for residents of metro Atlanta area.

Raheem Beyah

Dean of the College of Engineering, Southern Company Chair, Atlanta native, and Tech alumnus Raheem Beyah talks with President Cabrera about inclusion, innovation, and what’s cool about being an engineer.

Steve Case

The former CEO and chairman of America Online speaks with President Cabrera about the relationship between diversity and entrepreneurship in the U.S., and Atlanta's potential to become the nation's most inclusive startup city.

Bill George

A Senior Fellow at Harvard Business School, former Chairman & CEO of Medtronic, and author of Discover Your True North, Bill joins President Cabrera for a conversation on his passion for teaching, the difference between good leaders and great leaders, the value of a diverse leadership team, and developing the self-awareness necessary to lead.

Ilya Kaminsky

The Bourne Chair of Poetry at Georgia Tech joins President Cabrera to discuss language ("the earliest form of technology"), the journey to the U.S. as a young Ukrainian immigrant, and the relationship between science and craft.

Diana Blank

Diana Blank, whose charitable foundation (The Kendeda Fund) supported the creation of the Kendeda Building for Innovative Sustainable Design, talks with President Cabrera about taking on the Living Building Challenge, inspiring new environmental sustainability solutions, and some of their favorite aspects of the building.

Dr. Anthony Fauci

As recipient of the 2021 Ivan Allen Jr. Prize for Social Courage, Dr. Fauci joins President Cabrera for a discussion on scientific integrity, maintaining a commitment to service; the keys to clear communication; and working to improve systemic public health disparities.

Kaye Husbands Fealing

Kaye Husbands Fealing explains why a great liberal arts college is essential to a technological institute. History, economics, the arts, public policy, science fiction, and so many other humanities and social science fields play a vital role in studying — and improving — our world through different lenses. Husbands Fealing is the dean and Ivan Allen Jr. Chair in the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts. But you can call her Dean Kaye.

Mauro Guillén

President Cabrera talks with Mauro Guillén, Zandman Professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and director of the Penn Lauder Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), They discuss the themes of Guillén's book, 2030: How Today's Biggest Trends Will Collide and Reshape the Future of Everything.

Ayanna Howard

Join President Cabrera in conversation with Ayanna Howard, Chair of the School of Interactive Computing and author of Sex, Race, and Robots: How to Be Human in the Age of AI, which explores how the tech world’s racial and sexual biases are infecting the next generation of Artificial Intelligence, with profoundly negative effects for humans of all genders and races.

Enric Sala

President Cabrera sits down with conservationist Enric Sala, current National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and author of The Nature of Nature: Why We Need the Wild, which makes a clear case for why protecting nature is our best health insurance, and why it makes economic sense.

Charles Isbell

In this installment, President Cabrera sits down with Charles Isbell, dean and John P. Imlay Jr. Chair in the College of Computing. The Tech alumnus discusses everything from gender and race in computing to the promise of remote learning and the future of one of the Institute’s most dynamic colleges.

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Susan Lozier

President Cabrera chats with Susan Lozier, the new dean of the College of Sciences. They not only share the same start date at Tech (Sept. 3, 2019), they also point to the same campus event as one of their most treasured highlights since then.

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